Healthy Hooves provides excellence in care for your horses throughout the Toowoomba region of Queensland. Qualified Farriers Ben Van Der Reest and Greg Pitman, alonside qualified Emmett Practitioner Emma Kolodjashnij, look forward to ensuring your horses are healthy on a wholistic level. We are dedicated to ensuring every part of your horses bodies work in balance and harmony, while providing a positive and stress free experience.

Our Services

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2019 Farrier Services Pricelist

Barefoot Trimming___________________________________________________________________$50.00 + GST

Full Shoeing (Cold)___________________________________________________________________$130.00 + GST

Full Shoeing (Hot)____________________________________________________________________$140.00 + GST

Half Shoeing (Hot or Cold)_____________________________________________________________$80.00 + GST

Stud Holes (Full Set) __________________________________________________________________$25.00 + GST

Heavy Horse Full Trim_________________________________________________________________$75.00 + GST

Heavy Horse Full Shoeing______________________________________________________________$230.00 + GST

Corrective/Specialised Shoeing_________________________________________________________POA

Muscle Release Services

Emmett Therapy Session (approx. 40 mins)______________________________________________$55.00 + GST

Recommended to be used as part of an injury-prevention routine by maintaining healthy muscle tone. Also extremely effective at relieving stiffness/pain in both performance and pleasure horses.