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Introducing the team at healthy hooves...


Healthy Hooves is a specialised farrier service run by Toowoomba locals, Benjamin Van Der Reest and Greg Pitman. Ben and Greg met a decade ago while completing their apprenticeships under the same master farrier - Greg finishing as Ben was starting.

After completing his apprenticeship, Greg started Greg Pitman Farrier Services. Concurrently, as part of his apprenticeship, Ben spent time working with a number of great farriers around SE Queensland, gaining different knowledge and techniques from each until starting Healthy Hooves Farrier Services in 2010. Since this time Ben and Greg have worked together on-and-off, working closely together as of 2016, and as of 2018 Greg Pitman Farrier Services has merged with Healthy Hooves.

With their extensive knowledge and combined experience of over 20 years, Ben and Greg specialise in corrective and veterinary equine podiatry.

Whether it be shoeing or barefoot trimming, Ben and Greg ensure it will suit your horse’s conformation and your chosen discipline.  

Ben and Greg continue to stay up to date with the latest techniques and industry trends by attending regular clinics and working closely with various experts, vets and surgeons.

For both, the craft of farriery has earnt them outstanding reputations throughout the Toowoomba region. An in-depth knowledge of the biomechanics of the hoof, and an uncanny ability to visualise how shoeing will affect this, makes for a team that very much enjoys the challenges of corrective and surgical shoeing and rehab.

Ben and Greg’s passion for horses and their wellbeing means they are hugely dedicated to their trade and they look forward to seeing how they can help you and your horse reach your goals.


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Watch our latest YouTube videos below!

Watch farrier/blacksmiths Ben and Greg create and fit custom made horseshoes from concave mild steel. Custom wedged heartbars with studholes for an intermittently lame thoroughbred with an inconclusive diagnosis.




"My horses can be a bit difficult at times to shoe but Ben is always very gentle and takes his time. He is a great farrier and friendly too.”

- Ashley Morris

"Ben does a great job with the horses and actually turns up on time. What more can you ask for?” Oh OK, he’s a really nice guy as well.”

- Jillian Adams.


"I have a TB off the Track. I had been having some problems with him remaining sound. After riding him he would have a sore back on one side. I had tried everything from Chiropractors to getting saddles specially fitted for him. All this did not fix the problem. I had almost given up on ever riding him. I came across Ben and he came out to look. After we chatted awhile and he explained to me what was going wrong with his back feet he came up with a few options. He ended up making special shoes for his back feet with AMAZING results.
I have just come back from a two day clinic where I rode him intensively. He has remained sound with NO, I mean absolutely NO, pain in his back at all. I am thrilled!"

- Wendy Vowles

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